Attracting Your Dream Husband

[True Life Story] 

  How I Finally Attracted My Dream Husband and Made Him to Take Me to The Alter at The Age of 33: After waiting for 8 years – Mrs Helen

Having a life partner and getting married is God’s mandate for everybody.

Marriage is a divine blessings from God. He even told us to be fruitful and multiply, which is not possible without marriage. But why do a lot of people especially women go through hard times in getting a life partner?.

Many ladies are tired of staying home with their parents, or even alone. Some are tired of being the chief bridesmaid in their friend's wedding. Why then is their case different. Why is all their friends getting married to their dream partners before their very eyes. For some, their dating and relationships never ends in marriage. It is one excuses upon the other, day in day out. No wonder many ladies are above 30 without someone to marry.

Some people have experienced breakups in the process and they are heartbroken, therefore concluding that most men are the same and that they won’t have anything to do with any man again. If any of the above speak to you, then you need to read the bitter-sweet story of Miss Helen who is now a Mrs. See below...

Hello, my story is a long one but I have to share it.

My name is Helen, I am 33 years old. I got married in Feb, 2017 after years of waiting.

I attended the same secondary school with a good friend of mine, named Mercy. After our secondary education, My friend Mercy gained admission into the university a year after. But I was unable to due to some family issues. 

I applied a year after my friend got admission into the university. I was given admission to study computer Engineering. I was so happy, although my best friend is now a year senior. But what pained me the most was that I was given admission into a different university.

Everything went smoothly, I finished my course of study at the age of 25 years and I started my NYSC almost immediately. My problem started after I finished my NYSC. 2-3 years after I finished serving, most of my friends started getting married, but I wasn’t in any serious relationship.

My parents stay in Osun state; still single I was staying with my parents, going to my place of work from home. In fact it didn’t really occur to me that I was getting older. It started occurring to me when my father started reminding me that all my mates are in their husbands house. In fact it got to a time that no day will pass without he reminding me.

This actually made my stay in the house hell. This happened to me for straight 8 years. My story changed early last year when God listened to my cry, and I got Married to my heaven sent Husband. When I was sharing my testimony at my wedding ceremony, everywhere was silent, as I was shedding tears of Joy which made some people to cry as well. For good 8 years, I was in my Parent’s house and most of my friends not as pretty and intelligent are already married. At a point, it got so bad that I wanted to commit suicide and just die when the agony of seeing my classmates and friends getting married and giving birth was just too much.

That was when I decided never to attend any wedding again until I did mine.

But before then, something terrible happened that brought this decision. In one particular year, I was chief Bridesmaid to five of my friends. Before then I had also best my best friend Mercy who had also gotten married.

In the last wedding I attended. My friend called me, and ask….Is this how you will be assisting all your friends to marry? And most times among the bridesmaids, and the funniest thing is that you don’t even have any serious relationship at the moment. She paused for a while and said... You better check yourself.

After hearing all these, I couldn't utter a word. I just broke into tears. It was as if the earth should just open and swallow me. If my best friend could do this to me, then what am I still doing on earth. Although she later consoled me that she didn’t mean it that way. But I knew the message has been passed. I left the wedding ceremony heartbroken, went home and was moody all night, that people had to be asking what happened. In fact I do not pray that my enemy should experience this.

I had also dated a lot of men before, but many of them just wanted to get into my pant and run away. There was one I came across that I thought he was serious, just for him to get me pregnant and ran away. I had to terminate the pregnancy which almost claimed my life that was when I vowed to God that I won’t have anything to do with man again until God decided himself, to come to my rescue.


A day I will never forget, it was on a Friday afternoon, a co-worker came to meet me. Having heard about my case. She told me she also face something like that. She even told are case was worst than mine. She then disclosed the secret that helped are attract her dream husband. This co-worker told me about an e-book she got online for a token that did the magic for her that made her got married last two years. It is titled The "Hidden Secret" to Attracting Your Dream Husband.

At first, I was like online? I was skeptical but decided to give it a try since it is coming from someone that have used it and perhaps we work together, and I see her almost everyday. To cut the story short, I got the book which was delivered to me through email and I downloaded everything without stress in less than 10minutes.

But before then, the author had sent me two free e-books to my mail box which includes:

=>  Eleven (11) Reasons You Are Not Married Yet, which is preventing you from settling down with your dream husband and having your own children and 

=>  How To Move On After Break-ups   

I couldn't sleep that night, I started going through all the pages of the book including some bonus aspects that came with it.

The contents of the book was specifically written for me, it was as if it was speaking directly to me and addressing all my issues at the same time.

The book covered areas such as: ....

=>  The 3 Essentials for finding your soulmate. 

=>  The 7 types of Men who make very good husband.

=>  10 signs to be Sure He's a Husband Material (know this before settling for any relationship). 

=>  7 Easy step-by-step system to Attracting a life partner. 

=>  7 Tips to attract a life partner who is also your soulmate.

=>  The 3 steps to Jump start your Love and Romance Journey into the right direction.

=>  How you can Attract your Perfect partner using the Law of Attraction Style. 

=>  Spiritually attract your soulmate: Using this 5 powerful steps.  

=>  The ABC's (26 ways) of Being Irresistible in your partner’s eyes.

=>  The 5 Secret Magical set of Words/obsession phrases that make a man fall in love and even Beg you to marry him. (This is part of what did the magic for  me). You will get enough of it, I can't mention everything here.


After going through from pages to pages, I blamed myself for not coming across the book before then. My thinking and approach to men changed immediately.

In addition to the book, the author also added 4 bonuses which was sent as well.

They include: 

=>  BONUS 1: 16 Places to meet Single Guys looking for a Date; And how best to approach them.

=>  BONUS 2: 12 Days Key Prayer Points; For meeting your partner and breaking every satanic barrier and strongholds. 

=>  BONUS 3: The 15 Essential Bible Verses for Singles looking to find their life partner. 

=>  Bonus 4: The 3 Simple Techniques to Win Any Man’s Heart that Men secretly don't want Women to know. And 5 Secrets Nobody tells you about Winning his Heart Forever. (This works like magic too).


After going through the book and the bonuses. My whole perception about life and men changed. I was also able to discover the secret steps ladies took that got them married to their Charming and God fearing man.

I decided not to waste time and started applying those steps and techniques of attracting the perfect husband. After going through the book, I had this peace of mind that I was going to get married soon. And at exactly 6 months later, Feb, 2017 to be precise. I got married to the Best man ever, my charming prince, a God fearing and intelligent to the core.

I couldn't keep calm, it was God using the book as a point of contact in my life.

This amazed me the most - at first I thought these steps and techniques only worked for me. Not until one of my cousin that clocked 30 years in 2017 with no husband in view heard about the Book and I showed her how to Prayerfully use it.

She made use of the information in the book in March 2017 and she got married September, 2017. She could have done that earlier but they had to court for some months. Ever since then, knowing fully well that there is no doubt, the content of this book works 100% with God’s help. I gained permission from the author and I began to share and preach it to several single ladies that also need breakthrough out there.

I started the teaching in my church a year plus ago and I have since then recorded 15 plus fruitful marriages built on God and we are still counting. Some of the ladies that used this step by step guide came to me requesting If I can put this information on social media so that millions of single ladies that have been crying to God can benefit as well. This was what prompted me to contact the author of the Book and ask him if this could be placed on Social media. And guessed what, the author agreed to.


Dear single lady,

God has answered your prayers. Just take the action of faith by getting this book. It is a book recommended for all single ladies. The money to get it is not even  up to what some people use in recharging their phone at once. You do not have to wait for 8 years like me. If you apply what is written in the book and then go through the prayers in the bonus section to force heaven to open on your behalf, thus breaking every strongholds, and thereby engaging the Supernatural powers of Heaven to bring your marital breakthrough by fire.

If you are single, engaged or even married, you need this book. Most importantly, share this page to your friends and family that you think might need it, tag them if possible, you are doing them a favor. And don’t forget to share your testimony with me too, you can reach me through the author.

I pray for you, that as you get this book, and practice all that is taught by the author. Every spirit of darkness and ignorance over your marital life will be broken in Jesus name. All those that have laughed at you will come back to celebrate with you... Amen. 


Yours, Mrs Helen. 

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Thank you for reading her bitter-sweet story to the end.

I must confess to you, I do not know her from Adam. We got to know each other very well after she got the book and it worked for her. I believed she wrote all that from the depth of her heart because of the breakthrough she experienced and have helped others to experience as well. She must be a lady with a heart of Gold. You should experience this too.

But first, I learnt some ladies are trying to cope with break-ups. Dealing with break-ups can be hard but very possible. I have created something for you on how to move on after break-ups, which I am giving to you for Free. After which I will then disclose to you how you can use the Law of Attraction style to attract the perfect man ordained by God for you which is devoid of Break-ups using some guided principles.

The second thing I am giving to you for Free is this: pay good attention right Now, because this might be the reason some ladies are still single till today.

If you are a lady, you are beautiful, smart and even caring, but you find it difficult to find someone to marry. Probably you are over 30 years and your quest for a husband has not yet been fulfilled. Then I am here to show you Eleven (11) reasons you are not married yet, which is preventing you from settling down with your dream husband and having your own children. I will then disclose to you in the eBook how you can effortlessly deal with this, and also The 26 ways to becoming irresistible to your future partners/husband. Which is titled The ABC's of being irresistible in your partner/husband’s eyes (meaning He can't do without you). You can’t afford to miss all these.


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