How A Lagos Prostitute's Diet Gave Me A Slim Body

If you have been battling with overweight for years just like me, then you have to go through my bittersweet story to the end if you really want to put an end to this great bothersome and annoying threat to life


Reason is because, by the time you go through my story to the end, you will not only discover how you can shed your weight into that slim, healthy body you have always dream of.

But you will also discover how this Lagos prostitute’s Diet Can also give you that slim body and everybody will be seeking you to help them burn their excess fat and you will soon become the most sought for.


So That you Will Go From Looking Like This …

To Looking Like This

This is exactly how I look now….but I will be lying if I told you I used to be like this in the last 3 months

                    "I Was Raised In Benue State, Gboko Precisely"

I had my elementary school here, before we moved to osun for my secondary education

All this while, I have been developing fatty tissues but I didn't really bothered because I was still very young then

The annoying part was that people always think I was like 12 years old why in the real sense I was just 8 years old then

How annoying, it made me look older than my age

                        "I Attended Tertiary Institution In Lagos"

I was admitted to study a very good course, so I was very happy

You know that joy of gaining admission into the university

My grades were good. Everything was great except for my weight

And I sort of looked like a pregnant cow

Some call me all sort of names like bag of rice, puff puff and so on

That was when I knew I was in a serious mess


See How I looked Then…

"It’s Like Becoming Overweight And Gathering Excess Fat Is Hereditary In My Family"

Why did I say so…

My father is fat

My mother is a bit fat too

My grandfather from my father’s side was obesed

Even my grandmother from my side was obesed too

The List goes on, but before I forget

Some of my siblings are even fatter and bigger than me

To even worsen the matter, I discovered that my Father’s elder brother, uncle Peter too was very fat

There is no doubt, the gene runs in my family

It was then I realized the struggle was real


Look At How He Looked Like...

"If My Family Members Suffered From Serious Weight Gain, What Will Then Be My Fate?"

The question above kept on coming to my mind and even made me more scared

The annoying part was that it made me look older than I was

But I kept assuring myself, I will do everything in my capacity to shed this excessive fat

   "I Tried Everything, And Every Drugs That Come My Way, But To No Avail"

I kept on adding weight day in, day out.

I went for a medical check up, the doctor said I was overweight after checking my BMI (Body Mass Index).

He said I am prone to a lot of disease condition if my excess weight is not taken care of.

As time progresses, , I was beginning to have challenges with my health

The doctor checked my BMI and drugs were prescribed.

But it just seemed the drugs were not just working for me and I don’t know why

It was then I know I was in a serious mess

        "I Became So Desperate To Shed This Weight As Soon As Possible"

I battled with this for years

I spent huge amount of money on supplements and drugs on a monthly basis

It got to a time, I had to practice some remedies recommended by friends

I would mix lime with honey but no…….

I tried all sort of things, but their effects was not just obvious, I was still looking very fat

"I Almost Resorted To Fate That I Would Remain Fat And Obese For Life When My Bestie Whom I Love So Much Did This To Me"

There was this female friend/Bestie I used to have, her name was Blessing

I was deeply in love with Blessing, I will always pour my heart and worries about this menace of body fat to her

I saw a wife in her, but she saw a best friend in me.

But I loved her and I wanted her to be more than a friend to me because I saw the qualities of a good woman in her

I thought about this in my closet for long, and on the 15th of April, 2015, I manned up and I decided to ask her…

 "Blessing, But Why Can’t We Be More Than A Friend? You Know I Love You"

Her reply to me was the greatest shock of my life

She said...

       "Sorry John, I’m Sorry I Don’t Do Oversized Men With Pot Belly"

On hearing this, I felt heartbroken and rejected

I was pained

I thought within myself, is it a crime to be fat?

I then asked her 


She said...

                         "Oversized Men Are An Instant Turn Off For Me"

I only decided to be friend with you because you are a very easy going and caring guy

As if that was not enough to hurt me

She continued..

John, the thing if I date you. People will mock and make fun of me. They will call me oversized and pot belly man’s girlfriend or even Biggie’s girlfriend and I don’t like it

"I Was Deeply Heartbroken But Became More Determined To HUNT For A Long Lasting Solution To My Oversized Body"

This was how I was turned down by Blessing

A day I will never forget, it was a very sad evening for me at exactly 7pm on the 15th of April, 2015.

I even wrote down this date in my diary, to show how pained I was

This very day, I vowed to go all out to figure out how I can find a lasting solution to this annoying weight gain, therefore commanding the same respect slim and fit people do have.

"For 2 Years Plus, I Tried Anything And Everything That Promised Me To Lose My Excess Weight And Give Me That Perfect Slim And Healthy Body"

For these 2 years plus, I went out in search for anything that can help me loose my weight

For those periods, I turned into a cat hunting for a rat . I was everywhere searching for anything that can help.

This actually made me spent huge amount of money

I tried all sort of things, concoction, creams and even drugs and supplements

But Guessed What….


It was that bad..

I decided to let go of Blessing from my life gradually, because remembering her always hurt my emotions.

In fact, I even resolved I will not have anything to do with ladies again

"How God Sent Me This Lagos Prostitute Who Introduced Me To Her Diet    Plus One Single Supplement That Changed My Life….Forever"

Yes, it was God sent because this was the turning point for me

It was as if God intentionally sent me this lady, this is because after seeing all I was passing through. She just wanted everything to come to an end

In fact, meeting her was a miracle.

                                                 "How It All Started…"

On this fateful day, I was well dressed and stepped out to go get anything that can help me burn my body fat in one of the big pharmacy in Lagos

As usual, as a big boy, I went with twenty thousand naira (20k) because I was desperate. Although money was never my problem

My problem was how to get rid of the excess fat

So, I approached the pharmacist on duty to tell me the latest ones they have that can help me shed those body fat fast.

I even opened up to him that I am tired of trying all sort of things that never really worked.
Standing beside me was this beautiful mysterious looking lady

Her name is Jennifer, she is very beautiful and stylish

But there is one very UNIQUE thing about her

                                 "Her Body Is Perfectly Slim And Fit"

See Why Below

"See How She Has Turned To Be, even though she told me she didn't want to go too skinny"

Yes, slim and fit body

It caught my eyes, I just kept starring at her.

How I wished my body could be this slim and fit

After starring for some few seconds, we both recognized each other.

"Oh My God….She Was An Old Classmate Of Mine, We Attended The Same Secondary School Together"

We exchanged greetings and the likes

It was later I got to know she was into prostitute at a time

"I Thought Within Myself, This Lady Used To Be Fat While We Were In Secondary School"

Her body size was even more than my own

I began to ask myself several questions within

How did she do it?

Did she perform surgery or what?

How come she now has such a perfect slim and fit body

       "Oh I See…..The Reason I Could Not Recognize Her At First Glance"

She has changed to be more beautiful.

"I Must Ask Her How She Got Her Slim And Fit Body Knowing Fully Well That She Was Oversized Before"

I thought to myself again

And how come I am still looking like a pregnant cow.

It seemed that day was a lucky day for me though because before I even finished thinking, having overheard my conversation with the pharmacist.

She just opted in and said

Brother, I understood well your condition because I have been there too. But you spending all your money on chemical based product will not do it for you

She continued…

The reason why you keep adding weight is because you are yet to do that which matters, and most of this drugs and chemical based product posses more side effect, doing you more harm than good

After she told me all these, I just had a deep relief. I wanted to hear more

Then she continued...

All you need is only one Single Supplement PLUS my 28 days weight loss diet plan (Both work just as miracle does, she said)

Both will help you burn that excess fat naturally without causing damages at all thus staying slim and Healthy

She told me her 28 days weight loss diet plan was based on an Ancient Formula.

Then she went on to tell me the ancient formula that worked for her

"For The Past 20 Years Plus, I Was Just Like You... Overweight, You Know That Already"

It was worsened by many solutions like the ones you have been used to up till now.

I discovered a Rare Ancient Formula that most specialist are unaware of

It was gotten from a mystery micro-organism, that was very rare to get sometimes ago

By this time, I was so curious to get the name of this strange supplement that is so effective in burning excessive fat not alone But PLUS the 28 days weight loss diet plan in just 28 days

To my surprise, she told me I won’t be the first person

She said people that knew her back then, after seeing her sudden change kept on disturbing her to show them what she used that gave her a perfect slim and fit body

At first I was giving it out for free, but when the crowd was becoming too much, I decided to be giving it out at a token

Some of those that have used it kept referring people to me, and as such I turned to a coach on giving fat burning and weight loss advice.

She continued...

"The stress of having to repeat the same thing over and over made me compiled this secret of the Rare Ancient Formula for losing excessive weight in Just 28 days (Using only a single supplement gotten from a mystery micro-organism PLUS the 28 days weight loss diet plan. Minimal or no exercise is needed she said..) into an eBook that is so easy to read and understand".

Plus how you can effectively carry them out on your own.

She said, even if it is only the letters of the alphabet the person knows that he or she will still understand.

She said, she decided to give it out for N5,000 only and she mentioned some of the people I know that have used the same eBook and got instant result

She told me, the person will start seeing obvious result from the 14th day.

In fact, at this stage, I wasn’t myself again, the talking was becoming too much for me

I just wanted to get the eBook and start implementing as soon as possible.

Like I said, money was never my issue then, I offered her the N 5,000 cash immediately, and even promised to give her another N5,000 if it eventually worked out.

"So, I Started Implementing All That Was Written In The eBook Immediately I Got It"

First, I got the supplement at a reasonable price in one of the Big Pharmacy in Lagos. Now available nationwide.

I also started implementing the 28 days weight loss diet plan together with the supplement

But at first, I was a bit unhappy. I wasn’t seeing any noticeable changes.

So, I remembered the saying, that Rome was not built in a day.

I was only looking for an instant miracle, but long lasting solution.

So, I kept using the supplement and also continued with the 28 days weight loss diet plan...to my surprise

"My Oversized Body And Pot Belly Rapidly Transformed Into A Slim And Fitted Body"

  • I was so happy and exceedingly joyous
  • I could feel the joy of youthful vibrancy coming to me
  • I was confident
  • Although, I didn’t notice the changes myself at first, it was my friends that were calling my attention to that fact

John...you are now reducing. What is your secret is what they usually ask

  • I began to notice the changes myself from the 14th day
  • I went for a medical checkup, my weight drastically reduced and my BMI became normal

                         "I Was The Happiest Man On Earth"

Most of my friends that called me all sort of names are now jealous of my new look

Some, came asking for the secret I used

Women that I used to beg to hang out with me then were now easily moved by my new look

Reverse is the case now, they now beg to hang out with me... lol

                                 "It Was A Dream Come True"

I was the Happiest man on Earth, I became and advocate and a coach of this secret Ancient Formula that has been helping hundreds of Nigeria to lose weight fast

I discussed with Jennifer and she agreed that I help her spread the good work

I gave the eBook for free and sold some to my family and friends who were oversized and obesed...and guessed what

                                             "They All Loved It"

Because it worked perfectly for them

We also sold some of the eBook on Facebook and it became the business on my Facebook page and all my friends and the friends of my friends wanted to just get the eBook and implement as well.

     "A Lot Of People On My Facebook Page Are Demanding For It Already"

You can also join the list of people that are celebrating their super dope slim and fit body after laying their hands on this eBook

You will be embracing an opportunity to lose body fat fast and that which give you an healthy body free from cardiovascular disease and the likes

                         "For Reading This, I Want To Reveal To You"

some of the danger posses by having an overweight and obesed body

I will reveal to you the health conditions that have been linked to having an overweight body

I will explain in details how you can calculate your body mass index(BMI) and waist circumference yourself.

You will discover how a high body mass index (BMI) and high waist circumference could have a negative implications on your health.

I will then reveal to you some of the secrets you need to know about the one SINGLE supplement you will be making use along side the 28 days weight loss diet plan.

I will show you the mechanism through which the supplement works, and how it can help you burn that excess fat in just 28 days.

                           "Are You Ready For This Great Offer?"

I have written them in form of a PDF format that you can instantly download and read right now.

And guessed what?

I will be giving out this PDF format to you for free

Just make sure you sign in with your valid Name and Email address.

The PDF file will be sent to your email for instant download.


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