Over the years, for like 5 years now. I have seen and met a lot of people that have been denied a US Visa.

Most recent is one of my close friend that was denied Visa. Some have a history of one denial, some two. I have even came across someone that had three denial ( that is heartbreaking).

Though I am yet to see someone with a history of four denials. It is a matter of two things. It is either they have given up on the matter, or some of them have seeked advice prior to another attempt. Whether the denial is one, two or three denial is denial.  

Who says you cannot get it right in your first attempt.

Most times applicant with previous denials have difficulties in getting visa approval. This is because the US Embassy has record of all previous applications. So, if you do not know what to change before applying for another one..you will just continue to struggle.

If you are applying for the first time, Is it not better to get it right once and avoid the headache of applying several times?.   Most of the times, people get angry thinking they were not given enough time to express themselves during the interview.

Some are even of the thought that the US consulate Officer simply was not in the mood or was having a bad day ( which may not be true) All these, in one way or the other actually leads to huge loss of money and time on the part of the applicant.

Please note this:

A good percentage of people who apply for a US tourist visa..let’s say 90% are supposed or deserve to be granted Visa. How come there is always a record of 80% denial. That shows the denial is on the part of the applicant.

This, most times burdens my heart. How will an applicant be denied Visa after investing his/her hard earned money and time. I thought within myself, it has to stop. This prompted me in looking for a way to help people solve the issue of Us visa denial. Some days ago, I was discussing with my Mentor who linked me to an EXPERT at getting a US Visa.

An EXPERT in the sense that He knows the in and out. He didn’t only researched it. It happened to Him.  

Let me explain…. This man didn’t rush in applying for the Us Visa. He spent about 6 months of preparation and research before he applied for his Us Visa. Those 6 months gave him access to certain insider information that allowed him to get a 2 years US Visa the very first time He applied.

And the interesting thing is that he didnt have to pay any agent huge sum of money like some people do, and of which they may not get the Visa. He mentioned about 7 people who have applied the same insider information he used, and have also been able to get their own 2years Us Visa.

The good news is that he has written a guide that will give you access to the same insider information he used and how to avoid the little mistakes most people make.

So, if you are interested in increasing your chances of getting a US Visa to 98% when you apply OR you are ready to act wisely by avoiding another denial. Then this guide is a must read for you. It is titled….. The “3-way code US Visa Guide” by Ademiluyi David.

I will reveal some of the things you will come across in the guide that will prompt you in getting the guide, because it’s going to be the best thing you've laid your hands upon in recent times….and will even recommend it to your friends and relatives.


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