Attracting Your Dream Husband

[Here is a true life story of How Mrs Helen Finally Attracted her Dream Husband and Made Him to Take her to The Alter at The Age of 33: After waiting for 8 years]

Helen story continues...

Her parents stay in Osun state; still single she was staying with her parents, going to her place of work from home. In fact it didn’t really occur to her that she was getting older. It started occurring to her when her father started reminding her that all her mates are in their husbands house. In fact it got to a time that no day will pass without he reminding her.

This actually made her stay in the house hell. This happened to her for straight 8 years. Her story changed early last year when God listened to her cry, and she got Married to my heaven sent Husband. When she was sharing her testimony at her wedding ceremony, everywhere was silent, as she was shedding tears of Joy which made some people to cry as well including me.

For good 8 years, she was in her Parent’s house and most of her friends not as pretty and intelligent were already married.

At a point, it got so bad that she wanted to commit suicide and just die when the agony of seeing her classmates and friends getting married and giving birth was just too much.

That was when she decided never to attend any wedding again until she did hers.

But before then, something terrible happened that brought this decision. In one particular year, she was chief Bridesmaid to five of her friends. Before then she had also best her best friend Mercy who had also gotten married.

In the last wedding she attended. Her friend called her, and asked….Is this how you will be assisting all your friends to marry? And most times among the bridesmaids, and the funniest thing is that you don’t even have any serious relationship at the moment. She paused for a while and said... You better check yourself.

After hearing all these, Helen couldn't utter a word. She just broke into tears. It was as if the earth should just open and swallow her. "If my best friend could do this to me, then what am I still doing on earth", was what she said. Although she later consoled her that she didn’t mean it that way. But Helen knew the message has been passed. She left the wedding ceremony heartbroken, went home and was moody all night, that people had to be asking what happened. "In fact I do not pray that my enemy should experience this". She concluded.

She had also dated a lot of men before, but many of them just wanted to get into her pant and run away.

There was one she came across that she thought he was serious, just for him to get her pregnant and ran away. She had to terminate the pregnancy which almost claimed her life that was when she vowed to God that she won’t have anything to do with man again until God decided himself, to come to her rescue.


A day she will never forget, it was on a Friday afternoon, a co-worker came to meet her.

Having heard about her case. She told her she also face something like that. She even told her that her case was worst than hers. This co-worker then disclosed the secret that helped her attract her dream husband. This co-worker told her about an e-book she got online for a token that did the magic for her that made her got married last two years. It is titled The "Hidden Secret" to Attracting Your Dream Husband.

At first, She was like online? She was skeptical but decided to give it a try since it was coming from someone that have used it and perhaps they work together, and they see almost everyday. To cut the story short, she got the book which was delivered to her through her mailbox and she downloaded everything without stress in less than 10minutes.

After going through the book and some bonuses that accompanied it. Her whole perception about life and men changed. She was also able to discover the secret steps ladies took that got them married to their Charming and God fearing man.

She decided not to waste time and started applying those steps and techniques of attracting the perfect husband. After going through the book, she had this peace of mind that she was going to get married soon. And at exactly 6 months later, Feb, 2017 to be precise. she got married to the Best man ever, her charming prince, a God fearing and intelligent to the core.

She couldn't keep calm, it was God using the book as a point of contact in her life.

This amazes the most - at first she thought these steps and techniques only worked for her. Not until one of her cousin that clocked 30 years in 2017 with no husband in view heard about the Book and she showed her how to Prayerfully use it.

Her cousin made use of the information in the book in March 2017 and she got married September, 2017. She could have done that earlier but they had to court for some months. Ever since then, knowing fully well that there is no doubt, the content of this book works 100% with God’s help. She gained permission from the author and she began to share and preach it to several single ladies that also need breakthrough out there.

She started the teaching in her church a year plus ago and she has since then recorded 15 plus fruitful marriages built on God and we are still counting.

Some of the ladies that used this step by step guide came to her requesting If she can put this information on social media so that millions of single ladies that have been crying to God can benefit as well. This was what prompted her to contact the author of the Book and ask him if this could be placed on Social media. And guessed what, the author agreed to.

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I promise you, this is way different from what you have come across in the past as far as settling down with your dream husband is concerned.



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