Get This Fertility Cleansing Routine Plan For N1,999: This offer last ONLY for Today!

The Fertilty cleansing routine plan that has been helping hundreds of women to give birth to their own child.

You just came accross a Goldmine, because this will parmanently end your infertility worries. 

When you use this fertility cleansing routine plan, you will soon give birth to your own child. Instead of using huge money to get drugs and supplement on your own that may not work, because a lot of people out there are just of the interest of cajoling you to get this supplements at exhorbitant prices without even taking into consideration how your body react to the supplement.

If you have been trying for a baby for some years, this fertilty cleansing routine plan is just what you need to ensure that you birth your own child the next time you try.

And the first thing you should know about me is...I am a pharmacist (and a naturopath)

My name is Adetunji John

I am a Fertility Coach and Consultant

Part of my job description is to diagnose, treat, and help prevent disease using a system of practice that is based on the natural healing capacity of individuals using natural remedies, prescription drugs, foods, herbs or other natural remedies.

In fact, the ONE thing I consider myself an expert about now is...

I Think I Know How Almost Anybody With An Infertility Problem Can Conceive Comfortably Using The 23-Paged Report

I know,,,because it has helped a lot of people

Earlier this year, I gave the 23-paged fertility cleansing plan  to one of my family couples and they applied what was written there and they gave birth to their first child some months after.


Apart from this, I have also helped 9 people to conceive their own child  in the last 3 months

Was this by accident?

The answer is No

I was able to because I followed a special secret inside the 23-Paged Report

You may be wondering what type of infertility conditions can (and can’t) this natural approach help with.

First of all,

if you’ve got severely blocked fallopian tubes or 

if you are missing the fallopian tubes,

if you had an ectopic pregnancy

if you had a really big cyst and you had to have your tubes removed,
then you will not be able to get pregnant naturally.

The Fertility Cleansing Routine Plan would not be able to help you except if miracles happen.


if a man is missing vas deferens, which means he cannot ejaculate the semen because he’s missing the tubes through which semen has to pass through.

In those scenarios, your best option may be IVF


However, our natural approach has been successful in helping couples overcome many forms of infertility as outlined in our many client success stories and documented case studies.

The infertility-related conditions couples have overcome
and gone on to have healthy babies after using our programs and services (especially the 23 paged fertility cleansing plan) include:

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Ovulatory Infertility

Hypothyroidism (clinical and subclinical)

Age-related Poor Egg Quality

Advanced Age or Late Pregnancy Concerns (late 30’s to mid 40’s)

FSH-related Infertility (hormonal imbalance)

Poor Ovarian Function

Fibroids and Polyps


LPD (Luteal Phase Defect)

Sperm Deficiencies / Abnormalities / Low Sperm Count

Low Progesterone/Recurrent Miscarriages


Weight-related Infertility

Mild Scarring or Mildly Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Antibodies or Immunity Problems

Unexplained Infertility.

So, if you are a male or female and your condition is listed in the above causes of infertility. Then, I must congratulate you because you are about giving birth to that child of your dream just as many of our couple clients with the same causes did.


See...Once it hits you right in the face that you can't bring the joy of having a baby that your family need...there are only 3-things that can be done..


=>>  Keep quiet and suffer through the situation like a lot of couples do. Some shift the                 blame to their husband and vice versa, even to things that don't even matter.

=>>  Go out and waste your hard earned money on expensive medications that you even               know won't work for you.

=>>  Or follow follow my instructions in my new report titled      "The Fertilty Cleansing           Routine Plan" and decide for yourself.

I have written a 23 paged report carefully designed on what Every Woman and Man need to go through that will make you conceive the next time you try

Hundreds of people on facebook demanding for the 23 paged report on fertility cleansing routine plan after I decided to launch it out

Some tidbit inside this 23-Paged Report:

  • Are there exercises that help increase fertility? Find out the only 3 types of exercises that will help you relax your pelvis and tightened muscles.
  • You will find out why it is getting more dangerous to buy and use herbs anyhow, and what you should do instead.
  • You will also find out when to use fertilty enhancement drugs/supplement and how do you know the ones to use?
  • You will discover the one single activity that will prevent cervical mucus from becoming too viscous, therefore allowing sperm to easily penetrate the cervix and reach the egg inside the uterus.
  • You will get to know how stress has been linked to infertility, and the 4 anti-stress mechanism you can use to overcome this.
  • You will also discover the ONE most commonly food India women eat that makes them get pregnant whenever they choose to.
  • Are you one of the women who become discouraged and you repeat these thought patterns like ‘Why can't I get pregnant?’ or ‘I'm not good enough,’ or ‘Maybe my partner should be with someone else that can conceive,’ or ‘What's wrong with my body?’” and what you should do for 15minutes daily instead.
  • You will get to know the 2 types of water that have been proven to increase fertilty.
  • Going through issues with infertility can be an isolating experience, particularly when you don’t know anybody else who has had to cope with these issues. While your friends and family can be helpful, they won’t always be able to fully understand what you’re going through. Are you experiencing same issue, this report has got your back.
  • Are there fertility diet that can naturally boost your fertility?. You will discover the ideal fertility diet that you should take into consideration starting from now.
  • You will get to know how to cleanse your body systemically and get rid of every toxins in your body system just by following these simple procedures


Mind you...


I wish I could tell you that all these came from me alone


I can't, because aside from my own knowlege on this, I also learnt this life changing information from different people. The main ones are:

=> 2 Female Doctors who are both over 55 years old.
=> 2 Colleagues in the profession (Pharmacy).
=> Plus...an old woman who has an in-depth knowledge about herbal medication and how          they work.

How old are you right now? Actually, age doesn't matter because I didn't create this report based on age.

But nothing stops you from using it either you are 21 or 45.



My Doctor Didn’t Tell Me About These Natural and Environmental Factors. How Come?’


Well, because most western doctors are not trained in natural medicine or nutrition.
As such, your doctor simply has a different mindset. A conventional western doctor will study surgery in detail, but will have about four hours of nutrition training.


A natural doctor will not study surgery but will typically undergo four years of nutrition training. Your reproductive endocrinologist is a specialist in egg retrieval, embryo freezing, implantation and other assisted reproductive technology methods.


Alternative fertility methods are simply a different perspective of thought and your doctor, despite their best intentions, is probably not sufficiently versed in this
area to have a well informed opinion.

So, it takes those who are interested in helping humans in solving this issue of infertility to research further and you have got me.



Here are testimonies from some people who used this "23 Paged Fertility Cleansing Routine Plan"

What People Are Saying About This "23-Paged Report" 

Your 23 paged fertility cleansing plan is superb. I have tried several options before now to get pregnant for years, but no ..the pregnancy was not just coming. Laying my hands on your 23 paged material was the turn around for me . I wondered how you were able to come about the plan. The supplement you recommended that I use is out of this world, it left me surprised that most people are still not aware of it despite its huge benefits. I will recommend coach Adetunji report to anybody, please give it a try and laugh like me. In fact I can’t thank you enough.


Mrs. Raji,


I was opportuned to get your 23 paged eBook. It was awesome. If I tell you I have seen something like this before, it is a lie. I did test and I was told my sperm count has increased. One of the things I also enjoyed was the consultation with you. I must say you are good at what you do. I wished I could meet you one day and tell you thank you.



Mr Godwin,

Lagos State 

Please note: This 23 paged report is not a must for everybody. It is specifically designed for those that are ready to birth their baby now. It is only meant for people that can invest a token to save their marriage and also for people that will implement what is written therein.

So, I am not forcing anybody to get it. You can decide to back out now

I stopped forcing people to do things long time ago. Reason is because they still come back to get the 23 paged report after proscrastinating for a while. What I do now is just to shake my head, because they are only shifting the time they have left to conceive forward.

Can my husband do the cleanse as well?

Absolutely! In fact, by having your husband participate, you’re more likely to succeed in completing the cleanse. Cleansing also has fantastic benefits for male reproductive and sperm health

Here is Exactly what you will get when you order for N1,500 today.


A digital copy of the 23-Paged Fertility Cleansing Routine Plan that has been helping hundreds of women to conceive.

We are not leaving you alone after getting the report. You will have accesss to an email at the end of the report, where you can send your questions to

I have also arranged a free consultation for you, where you can ask Pharmacist Adetunji John and other experts questions (this alone worth N5,000) but you are getting it for free.

There are fertility experts waiting for you that will also be able to identify and professionally recommend suitable drugs and supplements that will be okay for your body type and situation. (just a maximum of two supplements is enough to perform the wonders) : So all you need to do is to get this 23 paged report as fast as possible so that you can have access to this fertility experts through the email you can only have access to after getting the 23 paged report and start using the supplement immediately.

So, if I want to get this "23 Paged Fertility Cleansing", how do I go about it

It is very simple. Just follow the instruction below to get your copy now,

And guess how much the Fertility Cleansing Routine Plan is?

It is not N5,000 the woman that shared her story got it.

It is now N1,999 ONLY
If you get it now...

Why is it N1,999 only?

I am changing the price of this report to N1,999 because I know that this tiny price put it within the reach of most people.

And I know that any woman who can not invest just N1,999 into their marriage will definitely not use these fertility tactics anyway.

Just follow the instructions below to get your copy of the Fertility Cleansing Routine Now.

The instructions in this report are guaranteed to work for you 100% if you use them, because they worked for my family members and several other people.

If you use them and your results aren't great. We will refund exactly your money back with an apology. Which is not possible anyway, something we've gotten several testimonies from? Your case must not be different, not even with this approach.

Get the 23 Paged Report Today For Just N1,999

Here is how to Order

WARNING: Please follow the instructions below step by step to avoid delay in the delivery of your copy of the 23-Paged Report

Payment Option 1: ATM CARD

This option gives you instant access to the report if you have an atm card.

You can make payment with your card by clicking the button below...                                           

You will be taken to a secure page where you can choose your card type and enter your correct ATM details.

If the card details you entered is correct and you have more than N1,999 in your bank account.

You will be redirected to the download page where you can immediately have access to the report for instant implementation and information on how to get across to me and other experts for consultation and advice.

Payment Option 2: Bank Deposit/Bank Transfer

To get a copy now, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Deposit the sum of N1,999 only into any of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), Nigeria.

Note: You may also pay via online transfer if you operate an internet banking account.

Details of bank account to be credited:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtb)

Account Name: Adetunji John

Account Number: 0037512540


Step 2: After making the payment, send the details of your payment to this email address:                         



Make the subject of the email says:

Payment for The 23 Paged Report

The details to be sent are:

Your full name, email address, and phone number. 

This is all you have to do

Once we receive your payment email and your payment has been confirmed from the bank, you will get an email which would contain the download link to The "23 Paged Report" and information on how to get across to me and other experts for consultation.

I Want to Give You Complete Peace of Mind By Offering You a Money Back Guarantee

If this report and the content does not in any way help you. Simply get in touch with us to ask for a full refund of your money.


With us your 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed


People have started paying in large numbers, and they have started reaping the benefit as well: confirm it below

This is from one of our clients that got the 23 paged report. She was able to consult fertility experts via the email address inside the report: Read her case below.

Hope you will be glad to hear that her case have been solved parmanently

NOTE: If you need help with ordering, please send an sms (message) to 07066340065


Your fertility coach,



P.S: The N1,999 price is not permanent. It increases N5,000 or more anytime from now. If you want it now, do not postpone. Do yourself a favour and thank us later.


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