Leaving Poverty Zone Guaranteed: Things you need to know

why did I refer to poverty as a zone.
I call it a zone because a lot of people decide to dwell in this zone either subconsciously or consciously.
The major reason a lot of people will never leave this zone is due to what I refer to as a poverty mindset.
A poverty mindset is incredibly destructive. This is because it puts us in the role of helpless victim. It tempts us to sit back as spectators of our own destiny

I would like you to give answers to these 3 questions:

  1. Do you blame the economy or the government for your poor performance financially?
  2. Do you justify your current situation by saying you do not really care?
  3. Do you always complain about how life is treating you financially?

If you answer yes to any of those 3 questions. Its a sign that you have a poverty mindset.

Let me explain better;

  • If you are the type that blame the state of the economy Everytime or you blame the government for your being poor. Some blame their employers. some even blame their parent (this may be funny but that is the fact). If you are in these categories of people, please check yourself.
  • There are other category of people that justify their being broke by declaring themselves too spiritual for money. some even say money is not important. But how come there is this saying that “Money answereth all things”
  • Complaining is even worse, this is because you pose more harm to yourself and your health when you complain too much.

Let me Illustrate better with my experience…..

I used to have a poverty mindset, until I forced myself out of it. It was a piece of information that changed me. Information is powerful indeed.

How it happened:

Months back, I stumbled on a book written by my mentor Toyin Omotoso.

The book is titled “Where the money is in 2018 and how to get it”

When I saw it at first, the poverty mindset wanted to grip me so that I can ignore it, but luckily I resisted it. it was not easy anyway.

I never knew I stumbled on a gold mine. This gold mine changed my poverty mindset totally.

Do you know that you do not need to blame anything or anyone for your financial instability.

What you need is the right piece of information at the right time.

The book actually featured 7 little known but highly profitable business you can start and profit from with just little capital

I will share like 2 of those businesses to know I am not joking on this matter.

That is not all…

I recommended the book to someone and the person made #85,000 with #5000 start up capital just in his first month. That is a profit margin of #80,000. I have also benefited more than that since I came across this life saving information.

And the interesting thing is that you can actually make more than that if you are given the needed guidance. Yes, it is possible because I know some people that are newbies too that make much than that in their first two 2 weeks.

It is as powerful as that. For the very first time, the way I think changed. I stepped up…my mindset had changed.

“I also want to switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mentality”

If that statement is popping up within you. What you need to do is simple

I will be recommending another book by my mentor Toyin Omotoso. This is more powerful. You will see some other testimonies by top class people who read the book as we progress…

The book contains all you need to know that will change your life.

It is titled “How To Turn Yourself Into A Live Breathing Cash Machine”.

Who actually needs this book:

  • If you want to transform yourself into someone with abundance mentality, then you need it.
  • If you are in the category of people that blame the economy, justify your current situation or always complaining about life, then the book is for you.
  • If you are not even blaming the economy or the government but you need to step up financially, you need it.
  • If you are not satisfied with your current earnings, you need the book.
  • OR you are even out there without a job, the book is more than a job for you…provided you know how to read and write.

The contents are inspirational, it is an eye opener…

Take a look at some of the challenges people face on their way to progress

FEAR: Especially of something in the future. The fear of many people is that;

  • hope I am going to make it in life
  • hope this business will work out fine
  • hope I will make it in my first attempt
  • or yours is even, hope this book is not a scam
  • Fear is an enemy of financial breakthrough, fight it today.

PROCRASTINATION: This is another huge enemy of success. It is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished.

  • It is an habit of delaying an important tasks usually by focusing on less urgent, easier and more enjoyable ones.
    Learn to stop it NOW
    One major way to combat fear and procrastination is to take action.
    It happened to me too…. action is the weapon I used to overcome it.
    You must devote time to getting the right information. Decision making time is KEY
    Such time include time devoted to searching for the necessary information or time devoted to consulting with those who have the piece of information needed.
  • Now, you are just a step away from getting that piece of information that will change you forever. You can actually make more than I made in my first month, only if you take this giant decision.

But before you continue, I promised to share 2 out of the 7 little known but highly profitable businesses you can run with little start up capital that can make you a millionaire in less than 3 months for FREE…